Simon Galperin

Hi! I'm Simon. What can I do for you?


How can we collaborate?

I work with people to identify problems and develop solutions. Here are some of the ways I can work with you or your organization to do that.

  • Train your staff in community engagement

  • Speak at conferences, on panels, or in classrooms

  • Perform a needs assessments for your community

  • Develop a news product

  • Create a community strategy

  • Recruit and manage partners

  • Plan or run an engagement project

  • Conduct research

  • Write and report


My work and collaborations


More about me

I wanted to be foreign correspondent. That’s me on top of a 12th century castle in Jordan built to defend against Crusaders. I was there studying Arabic and Peace and Conflict.

One year after that, I attempted a summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. That was right was after studying in Morocco and before traveling by cargo truck around Kenya, camping and studying ecology and conservation.

I came home after those months overseas to start a local news site. That's when I realized there was plenty of work to be done at home. I've since oversaw editorial operations for a digital media company, launched a social justice journalism lab, received a M.A. in Social Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, managed growth for an international technology company, been named one of 2017's top digital media innovators by MediaShift, and was recently named a Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow.

Today, I'm focused on my roles as customer success lead at GroundSource and director of the Community Information Cooperative.

GroundSource is a community building company that offers mobile messaging and voice products to newsrooms, schools, nonprofits, and local governments.

Community Information Cooperative builds and supports community information districts, special service districts that fulfill the news and information needs of local communities.